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60 individual servings
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greenteaHAWAII – Powerful Enough to Help You Live the Good Life! Green Tea Hawaii is a specially formulated green tea loaded with powerful antioxidants that promote health and weight loss. You just mix it in 12 to 16 ounces of water, and enjoy! For 4,000 years green tea has been praised for its health benefits. Now hundreds of research studies have validated the antioxidant properties of green tea that assist in weight loss and healthy living.

One Green Tea Hawaii serving contains only 10 calories and provides the following health benefits: Reduces Appetite by 15- 20%, Increases Metabolism, Boosts Healthy Energy Levels, Reduces Body Fat, Improves Health and Promotes Longevity. Did we Mention It’s Powerful? Because it is extra powerful, a single serving of GreenTea Hawaii provides the same amount of health benefits you would get from drinking 45 cups of regular green tea. That’s the power of Green Tea Hawaii.