Recommended Usage

Drink GreenTeaHawaii Twice per day

Start your day off with GreenTeaHawaii with breakfast. Drink another GreenTeaHawaii at lunch.

Each serving of Green Tea Hawaii is the equivalent of drinking 45 cups of regular green tea with less caffeine than a single cup of regular green tea.

Drinking Green Tea in large quantities has shown the potential to:

  •     Reduce body fat
  •     Cuts appetite by 15-20%
  •     Increase metabolism and promotes healthy energy.
  •     Control your weight
  •     Fight High Blood pressure
  •     Lower LDL Cholesterol
  •     Increase Natural Energy

As an added bonus, GreenTeaHAWAII contain ONLY 10 calories per serving and Less than 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Ditch your “diet” drinks and go healthy with Green Tea Hawaii